The Beast In Me by D.S. Wrights

The Beast In Me (The Beast And Me, #2)The Beast In Me by D.S. Wrights

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I started reading this book while still floating in the intoxicating cloud of excitement and joy in which it’s predecessor ‘The Beast and Me’ had left me. I curled up in bed with my soft blanket and fluffy pillows with a bottle of water and snacks on my bedside table; all ready to read straight through to the end of the book!

This time we are experiencing events through Jay’s point of view, also known as ’10’ or the beast in this story. As a way to cope with the unbearable situation in which he now finds himself, he has decided to record his experiences in a journal using the same style he has observed in Meg’s, which might have been good, except… not much happens. We see some of his encounters with Meg from his point of view, however his telling has none of the excitement I found in the first book. As I read on I found myself slowly sinking into a state of boredom. I hate to admit this, but I had to stop just under half way through. I didn’t go back to it for four days.

The second half of the book does pick up a bit. We find out more about Jay’s transformation, and I wish the author had spent her time in this book telling us his experiences before Meg enters the scene. I feel that would have been an impressive tale on it’s own, given us as much reason to emotionally invest in Jay as we did Meg, and made this part of the story as engrossing as the first. This is not the way it played out, and though I’m grateful to have learned more about Jay, this book was a disappointing follow up to the first. You can buy the series or the individual books HERE!


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