Get Me Off by Penny Wylder

Get Me OffGet Me Off by Penny Wylder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Though I read a fair amount of romance and erotica, I don’t often enjoy them enough to have anything to say, but this is one of those occasions. This book had me laughing in the first few pages. I have had a few of the character’s snarky thoughts about men and sex myself, and it was refreshing to read about a character who wasn’t so very unrealistic, that you couldn’t relate to them. The sex scenes themselves were peppered with a bit of realism, which made it easy to imagine myself and my guy in place of the characters. That was a new experience for me, and I really enjoyed it! I felt the author blended her own experience and realistic expectations with her crazy fantasies, which made the whole story feel much more personal for me. I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance or erotica, especially if you are in the mood for something quick and satisfying!