Stealing the Light by Lisa Hofmann

Stealing the Light: A Medieval FantasyStealing the Light: A Medieval Fantasy by Lisa Hofmann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Considering the impression I received of this book, I decide to start reading it early in the morning – 5:45am to be precise, when the sun just starts to light the sky, and there is often at least a light fog covering the ground. I hoped that would be true on this morning, and I wasn’t disappointed! I take my heavily creamed coffee onto the back patio and fondle the real book in my hand. Reading is a much more profound and personal experience with an actual book (even if you get a cramp in your fingers or a crick in your neck)!

The cover is blue and white and depicts an archway partially covered with overgrown flowers and a dove in flight (I think it’s a dove anyway). Light is streaming through the arch and highlights a stone floor. I love the font. It looks familiar, but I don’t remember what it’s called. I open the book and smell the pages. There is nothing more wonderful than the smell of fresh paper! Every book Continue reading “Stealing the Light by Lisa Hofmann”